its not what you wear, its how–

B-Boys/B-Girls have always led the way in terms of street wear. For these dancers, staying ‘fresh’ is imperative. They were, and always the superstars of the party.

Rap-architect KRS-One once said, “[Being] Hip-Hop is to be updated and relevant.”
In other words, it means to be ‘in,’ and know what’s ‘current’–a mentality that Breakers embody in their apparel.

According to Rob Lammie of mental_floss, sneakers boomed in the late ’70s with the increasingly popular Hip-Hop culture, and the emergence of B-Boys. Sneakers got their first global attention through classic Run DMC music videos, but many of us don’t realize that it was the B-Boy dancers who influenced their infamous no-lace style. These party rockers were obsessed with customizing their shoe lace colour and thickness; if they were into Adidas, the classic stripes would be filled in with markers.

When we rock the floor, our sneakers plays a major role in adding that extra ‘flavour’, and that subtle ‘extra’ makes us unique and stand out. For us, our social norm is all about ‘survival of the freshest’.

Dancers of the Hip-Hop mentality basically have an OCD for/not being copied. Nothing irks them more than being ‘bitten’. It has become our duty to flip what’s been done and over-played, including ourselves, thus always striving to earn that unwritten ‘street credit’.

We are artists, innovators. Our body is our canvas and it’s not just what we put on it, but also in addition to how we move and shape it. Hence the term, “it’s not what you wear, but how you rock it.”

The clear difference to this day, between how Breakers wear their outfits, and those that shop in fast-fashion industries, is the intention and energy behind their threads.

savsupreme - bboy


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